What is the Customized Diet?

What is the Customized Diet?

Considering the economic challenges faced by the Lebanese population, we have chosen 1200 calories as a baseline for all our four best-selling preselected diets (traditional, healthy keto, vegan, and protein blitz), serving as a starting point for everyone. The cost of the 1200 calories is fair and affordable for many people.

However, it's essential to note that this daily calorie intake is often considered the minimum required for basic bodily functions only. Many individuals may find it too challenging to sustain for 24 days as it is significantly below their energy expenditure. Therefore, we offer a personalized meal plan designed to accommodate individuals with specific calorie and macronutrient (carbohydrate, protein, and fat) requirements, aligning with unique goals, whether it be weight gain, maintenance, or weight loss. This approach also caters to individuals with medical conditions such as renal issues, hypertension, cancer, or diabetes, allowing for the creation of a customized diet that addresses their specific needs. It's particularly popular among athletes seeking precision in their nutrition.

It's important to acknowledge the potentially higher costs associated with preparing a customized diet with more calorie content and specific macronutrient distribution, and it's worth noting that some individuals have the financial means to cover these costs.

It's important to highlight that Nutritas dietitians are readily available to assist individuals who need more than 1200 calories without incurring extra costs for the meals. They provide suggestions through WhatsApp, offering ideas for additional foods that can be prepared and integrated into home-cooked meals. This personalized support ensures individuals can reach a calorie level that better aligns with their body's needs.

Therefore, the customized diet minimizes the likelihood of side effects and the risk of yo-yo effects by meticulously aligning with the individual's calorie and nutritional needs. Once a diet choice is made, clear recommendations are provided regarding what is permitted and what is restricted, ensuring strict adherence to the chosen plan.