Story of Cheer up Class!

Story of Cheer up Class!

As a dedicated sports enthusiast and certified dietitian, I empathize deeply with the struggles my clients face when it comes to managing their diets and maintaining an active lifestyle. Having personally experienced these challenges at various points in my life, I understand the frustration it can bring.  While I've always been passionate about encouraging my clients to embrace exercise, I've realized that maintaining a commitment to keep moving and exercising regularly is a significant challenge for them.

My journey began with extensive research into the plethora of fitness class options available online. It became evident that fitness instructors worldwide were introducing exciting and effective workout routines, such as Zumba and belly dance classes, promising weight loss and calorie burn without the monotony. Many had already tried these workouts, including myself, but I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing in each of them. To be honest, I found some of the routines overly complicated, and the music selections were unfamiliar, which led to a loss of motivation. Moreover, some instructors placed too much emphasis on perfection, causing the classes' energy to wane, and I ended up moving without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the calorie burn at the end of these classes was often insufficient, leaving me discouraged.

In 2013, I uncovered a solution for those who struggled to stay committed to exercise – a simple, motivating, high-energy, and enjoyable workout: dance aerobics. In just 60 minutes, participants can burn a substantial number of calories (up to 700 kcal per session) and achieve sustainable weight loss. What sets this class apart is its engaging music selection, carefully curated to be familiar and captivating, with a mix of Arabic, English, Spanish, and French tunes. Participants move through well-designed, enjoyable steps, incorporating dance patterns and aerobic moves to enhance aerobic fitness, flexibility, and coordination.

Over time, I gained the trust and loyalty of my community. The number of monthly subscribers to my fitness class soared, and my clients remained dedicated for years, catapulting me to social media stardom. Each time I shared a video related to the class, the interaction and engagement skyrocketed.

Even during the pandemic, I successfully transitioned to online classes via social media platforms, catching the attention of prestigious TV channels like BBC News and Dutch TV, who lauded my innovative approach. This recognition propelled me to international fame, particularly in the Arab world.

Despite the economic crisis in Lebanon, which took a toll on me both mentally and physically, I persevered with unwavering passion and vitality.

Recognizing the profound positive impact of my class on both mental and physical well-being, I decided to share short videos on my TikTok account. To my astonishment, these videos went viral organically, rapidly amassing a significant following. Now, I find myself answering the call of a global audience, receiving inquiries from Beirut, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and Qatar, all eager to join my online dancing classes.

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